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substance abuse counselor

Substance Abuse Counselor

Counselors help people patients to deal with personal and social problems. Substance abuse counselors counsel and help people with alcohol and drug disorders. Dealing with individuals addicted to drugs, they work to identify behaviors and problems … [Read More...]

Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist Assistant

Is it possible to undertake a degree online that includes the word “physical?” This is a sensible question, and the answer is yes and no. Online physical therapist assistant degrees are available, but it depends on your level of … [Read More...]

occupational therapist

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy practitioners help people with an injury, illness, disability or learning difficulties to become more independent. Occupational therapists are constantly looking for enjoyable ideas and tools to help others help themselves. Since … [Read More...]

Medical Office Jobs

Medical Office Jobs

The computer age and an aging population means that no 21st century medical institution can survive without efficient, trained medical office staff. Opportunities for medical office jobs are on the increase, and this shows no sign of slowing down. … [Read More...]

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xray tech

X-Ray Technician

Search this directory for x-ray technician training, colleges, and universities, and find the best xray technician school for you. X-ray technician training will include a basic background in how to do X-rays, and other technologies that let a … [Read More...]

ultrasound tech

Ultrasound Technician

Although x-ray images are the best-known technique for obtaining a picture of what is happening inside the body, they are not the only method of creating internal images. Ultrasound, or diagnostic medical sonography, has some into prominence … [Read More...]

surgical technologist

Surgical Technologist

Many people owe their lives to the miracles of modern surgery and to the skill and dedications of surgical teams, which includes the surgical technologist. As a surgical technologist, you would be part of a surgical operating room team, and would … [Read More...]

physical therapy

Physical Therapist

People can require the services of a physical therapist or a physical therapist assistant through a number of causes. Accidents, certain diseases and illnesses, and birth defects may all result in impairment of physical mobility. As a physical … [Read More...]