Massage Therapist

massage therapyMassage therapy is a profession that helps people relieve stress and pain. Massage therapists help patients improve mobility of injured muscles, and prevent injury. Oftentimes, patient can be victims of accidents, or suffer disabling conditions, like back pain, soft tissue injury, arthritis, and broken bones. As a massage therapist, you can help people who have suffered physical trauma regain normalcy in their lives.

Massage Therapy for Fun

More and more people are getting massages for fun–either for relaxation or the mere the pleasure of it. As a massage therapist, consider learning several massage techniques to expand your client base. There are over a hundred massage techniques available, from Shiatsu to Swedish massage, so carefully consider the right ones for you before entering massage therapy school.

Massage Therapist Training Requirements

Not every state in the requires a massage therapy license–about half of them do however require a license. Of those that do, most states require between 500 and 600 hours of training at a certified massage therapy school. You can break your hours up in different ways. For example, an intensive full-time program may allow you to complete the requirements within a year. However, many massage therapy students work full-time while in school, and take two or more years in part-time or night classes. Most programs require a high school degree.

Massage Therapist Economics

The profession is projected to grow by 20-35 percent in the next seven years. Most employers are hotels companies or part of the hospitality industry. Massage therapist also work in the medical field. If you are interested in massage therapy, there are plenty of schools across the country and growing opportunities when you graduate.