Physical Therapist Assistant

Physical TherapistIs it possible to undertake a degree online that includes the word “physical?” This is a sensible question, and the answer is yes and no. Online physical therapist assistant degrees are available, but it depends on your level of experience.

Physical therapist assistants perform physical therapy treatments under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist. They work in health care settings such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, outpatient clinics, nursing homes, school districts and long term residential facilities. Treatment may include teaching patients to walk, use crutches, and use an artificial limb and undertake therapeutic exercise. Physical therapist assistants learn techniques such as heat, cold, ultrasound, electricity and massage to help them with their work.

Online training

Considering the nature of the work, it is obvious that some of the study for this type of career cannot be undertaken in a virtual setting If you are starting out in this career and looking for an associate degree, you will have to undertake campus-based courses to cover the practical, physical aspects of the work. Once you are a working physical therapist, you can upgrade your skills to doctoral level while you work with an online physical therapist assistant degree. If you are interested in expanding your skills and employability in this area in a social, community or managerial sense, you can undertake an online masters degree.

Physical therapist assistants are licensed after successful completion of a national examination Newly graduated physical therapist assistants start on a very respectable salary, and later may decide to progress further up the ladder with more experience, plus online physical therapist assistant degrees.

Online physical therapist assistant degrees will include courses human anatomy, human physiology, introduction to physical therapy, medical Terminology, therapeutic, clinical neurology, human growth and development, rehabilitation techniques, neurological disorders and professional conduct.