Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant Education

dental assistantDentists are busy people. Not only do they have to administer an ever-growing range of dental treatment, they have also got to run their practice in an efficient and businesslike way.

This means that they can always use a good dental assistant to help with a wide range of tasks. If you were employed as a dental assistant your exact duties would depend on the practice that employed you, but you would normally prepare patients for treatment, manage their records, hand instruments to the dentist, and use suction to keep the patient’s mouth dry during treatment.

You would also expect to prepare and sterilize dental instruments and advise patients on oral care generally. You might also be involved in office work and administration.

Training and Qualifications

A dental assistant education is often acquired through on-the-job training. If you are ambitious to succeed however, then you should consider a formal dental assistant education.

Programs range from one-year diploma to two-year associate degree level. Courses will include classroom instruction, as well as laboratory and pre-clinical study in the varied dental theory and practical techniques a dental assistant requires.

Most states have some licensing or registration system for dental assistants, and you should check what the requirements are in the state where you intend to work.

Job Outlook

As a skilled dental assistant with the benefit of a formal dental assistant education you would find that your job prospects are very good indeed in this fast expanding area of employment. An aging population (more of whom have kept their own teeth) combined with the increasing use of dental assistants in modern dental practices means that someone with a good dental assistant education should have no difficulty in finding a good job.