Massage Therapy Schools

massage therapyWe are fortunate to live in times where mainstream medicine has made enormous leaps in its ability to prevent and control illness. This has not however reduced people’s interest in other, often long-established, types of therapy.

There is an increasing demand for treatments such as massage therapy, which can focus on general well-being, as well as specific problems. Massage therapy is often regarded as both an art and a science.

If you choose to enter massage therapy as a career, then massage therapy schools will teach you both the art and science of massage. A formal training in massage therapy will greatly enhance your technical skills and knowledge as well as your career outlook.

Training and Qualifications

A massage therapy program at one of many fine massage therapy schools will provide in-depth study of many topics in massage. Courses may vary by program but you can expect to study topics such as Swedish massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage, and reflexology.

Your program will also provide some instruction in anatomy. Courses that prepare you for professional practice may include practice management, client management and counseling, and regulations and ethics in massage therapy. Many states now require that massage therapists be licensed, so you should check out what is required by the state in which you wish to work.

Job Outlook

Massage therapy is a growing profession, so there should be a good job outlook for suitably trained practitioners. You may wish to set up your own practice, receiving clients there or visiting them in their homes. You will also find opportunities in locations such as health clinics, the offices of physicians and chiropractors, fitness centers, and sports organizations. These are all good reasons to start looking into massage therapy schools today.