Medical Administrative Assistant

medical office assistantIf you would like to combine working as a secretary or administrative assistant with your interest in medicine and healthcare then you might like to consider undertaking medical secretary training or medical administrative assistant training.

Medical secretaries play a key role in the smooth running of different types of medical offices.

The duties are interesting and, while they may vary from office to office, should provide the opportunity to combine general secretarial skills such as word-processing and general administration, with more specialized tasks, such as medical insurance, billing, and medical transcription.

Training and Qualifications

Because the modern office is now a hi-tech and computerized place of work, a formal training is often undertaken by people seeking jobs as business secretaries. The need for training is even more apparent if you want to work as a medical secretary, fluent in medical terms and medical office procedures.

A medical secretary certificate program will offer a thorough grounding in both general administration and basic medical topics. Programs are likely to include courses on word-processing, record-keeping, and general office administration. Further courses on topics such as medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, medical coding and billing, and medical transcription will provide the specialized medical knowledge your work will entail.

Job Outlook

As healthcare is a rapidly growing field of employment, and virtually all healthcare locations require the services of a medical secretary or someone with medical administrative assistant training, the outlook for medical secretary jobs should remain very good. With the benefit of a formal medical secretary education, you will be well-prepared both to find your first job and to increase your responsibility and earning power by advancing to more senior positions as you acquire experience.