Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant Training

medical assistantIf you are considering working as a medical assistant then you can look forward to a lot of choice in the locations you work, and a lot of variety on the work that you do.

All kinds of medical practices need good assistants to keep things running smoothly.

Physicians, podiatrists, and chiropractors are just some of the health care professionals who offer medical assistant jobs. You will need some skills in admin and office management.

As a medical assistant you would maintain patient records, handle insurance claims, take telephone calls, make appointments, and keep financial records, among many other tasks. Depending on the rules in the state you worked in, you might also help out with some aspects of patient care. In smaller practices you are very likely to combine admin and basic clinical work.

Medical Assistant Training and Qualifications

Naturally you want to compete for the best medical assistant jobs. The best way to do this is to undertake a formal instruction program. You can choose between a one-year program, leading to a certificate, and a two-year program, leading to an associate degree in medical assisting.

Your courses will combine the normal subjects required for office work (word-processing, basic accounting, record-keeping, correspondence) with courses designed to raise your knowledge of medical terminology, insurance claims, and working with patients.

Job Outlook

Medical assistant jobs are rapidly increasing in number. If you have a certificate or degree to show your future employer, then you will find no shortage of opportunities to work as a medical assistant in a variety of healthcare locations. Your job opportunities will be enhanced if you can demonstrate training in both administrative and medical skills, and out-patient departments in particular will be a fertile source of future employment for a medical assistant.