Nursing School

nursingRegistered nurses represent the single largest group of employees in the USA healthcare industry. They work in many different healthcare locations such as hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices, emergency medical centers, and government agencies.

Nurses attend to patients in a variety of ways, providing bedside care, administering medicine, assisting physicians and surgeons, and helping with convalescent treatment.

Some nurses may specialize in particular wards and treatments, others move between departments. The range of nursing jobs and duties is very extensive. There are also opportunities to move into more senior nursing posts by earning additional qualifications.

Training and Qualifications

In order to work as a registered nurse you must first obtain a state license. The usual route is to study for an associate or bachelor degree at a nursing school or college and then to pass the state exams. (If you register with an associate degree you may subsequently take extra courses to upgrade to a bachelor’s degree which may open the door to more senior nursing jobs.)

A nursing program combines classroom and practical education and includes courses on basic medical science, nursing skills, and usually some liberal arts courses. Nursing schools also offer more advanced programs for registered nurses who wish to advance to higher levels of nursing, such as nurse practitioner, or who seek to specialize in anesthetics or midwifery.

Job Outlook

Your job outlook as a registered nurse is very good. A combination of new treatments, an aging population, and more preventative care, will ensure that there will be many job opportunities in nursing.

While growth in hospital positions will not be great, there should be more opportunities in out-patient departments. The greater number of older people requiring long-term care will create more openings in nursing care locations and home care. For more information, request information from as many nursing schools as necessary to make the right decision for you.